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The following is/are required for opening an account online:

Official photo ID
Valid e-mail address
Five minutes of your time

A is to be opened. For this purpose, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • I am at least 18 years old and am opening the product for my own use.
  • I am a spouse, partner or child of a UniCredit employee.
  • My principal residence is in Austria and I am exclusively resident in Austria for tax purposes.
  • When I open the account, I will not transfer more than EUR 50.000,- onto the new account.
  • I do not have any links to the US. If there are, please contact the employee center by e-mail.
  • I am not a politically exposed person (PEP) or a person close to a PEP. If you are connected to a PEP, please contact the Employee Services Center (MitarbeiterCenter) via e-mail.
  • I do not intend to conduct transactions in the following countries/regions: Iran, Sudan, South Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Crimea and Russia.
By continuing with this request I want UniCredit Bank Austria AG to use the e-mail address and telephone number indicated by me in this form for any communication that may be required for processing my request. 

* Mandatory